100% Renewable Supplier

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Only in California can you pick Renewable Energy and save money

A renewable resource is an energy source that is regenerative or virtually inexhaustible. Renewable energy includes solar, wind, biomass, waste, geothermal, and  hydroelectric. Solar thermal technology converts solar energy through high concentration and heat absorption into electricity or process energy. Wind generators produce mechanical energy directly through shaft power. Biomass energy is derived from hundreds of plant species, various agricultural and industrial residues, and processing wastes. Industrial wood and wood waste are the most prevalent form of biomass energy used by nonutilities. Geothermal technologies convert heat naturally present in the earth into heat energy and electricity. Hydroelectric power is derived by converting the potential energy of water to electrical energy using a hydraulic turbine connected to a generator.

There is only one 100% Renewable Supplier in California, and it costs less than PG&E or SCE


For the first time in the history of this country you the energy consumer can decide the future of new energy development through the supplier you pick. The first step in converting the energy economy to renewables is to pick GREEN POWER. If you tell your friends, neighbors, and employer to go-green, you help to protect California's pristine environment from the ravaging environmental effects of non-renewable power.

The Power and the future is in your hands


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