California's deregulation of the
Electric power industry

has induced a rush to developed new energy supplies statewide. Those projects that utilize non-renewable energy sources have cumulative environmental impacts both locally and regionally. While gasoline prices have risen recently, the price of natural gas remains low due to a glut in California’s supply. All of the current applicants for electric power facilities utilize the non-renewable source natural gas. Natural gas, while plentiful, has some inherent risks. As an unrefined source of fossil fuel for power it contains highly toxic trace elements dependent on it source. Natural gas itself is a smog-causing hydrocarbon. There are more deaths due to natural gas explosions in California then any other source of fossil fuel. The California Energy Commission (CEC) is established with the stated purpose of “encouraging sustainable energy development utilizing renewable energy sources”. The purpose of this organization is to insure that this happens for the benefit of the people of the state of California.

This web site is established in order to collect contributions which will be spent (1) on the cost of legal representation for the affected local communities in the vicinity of these projects and (2) the cost of legal representation for regional environmental impacts. Contributions will be spent to support this web site, and pay the costs of legal representation and its associated services, 5% will be spent towards educational materials, and no more than 5% will be allocated for administrative support.

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